Season Two Of “ALONE” On History Channel


Bear Cove Cottages and Wicked Salmon Sports Fishing were once again the chosen rescue team for the History Channel’s exciting new reality series, Alone. The hit reality series was shot on Northern Vancouver Island during it’s first and second season. It is one of the newer series by reality giant LeftField Pictures of New York. The show features ten brave souls, willing to live in the rugged wilderness alone and surviving on only what they can forage, with limited means. Season One proved to be successful with over three million viewers every week tuning in to watch the ten men slowly deteriorate over the course of a couple of months. Season One winner, Alan Kay, spent just short of two months surviving on slugs, shellfish and a lot of seaweed.

Season Two wrapped in late 2015, with a new brave group of ten and three of them were women. Bear Cove provided a home base for the production crew as well as a rescue crew on call 24/7 in the case of an emergency or a ‘tap out’. Cast were given a device in which to communicate, should they need assistance or just be plain done. The wet weather and solitude proved to be difficult, for the seemingly fittest of fit. Both season’s offer up some great drama, and unexpected turns along the way. If you did not catch Season One, it is available online on

Season Two premieres on the History Channel on Thursday nights, starting on April 21. Be sure to tune in and see Captain Wade and crew in action!